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pins medical and science magazine jointly set up the world’first prize of neuromodulation -j9集团

issuing time:2022-02-13 20:39

   on december 21st, science-pins prize of neuromodulation (shorted as science-pins prize) was officially set up in beijing by china’s pioneer in neuromodulation pins medical and science magazine of the united states. this prize is the world’s first prize in neuromodulation and the only prize generated from cooperation of science magazine with chinese enterprises. dignitaries presented the singing ceremony were professor cen zhangzhi, vice president of   tsinghua university, madam yan ao shuang, director of beijing municipal science & technology commission. professor li luming, director of national engineering laboratory for neuromodulation and mr. bill moran, publisher of science magazine.
neuromodulation society defined neuromodulation as a scientific, medical and bio-engineering technology that acts directly upon nerves with the help of implantation or non-implantation technologies as well as electrical or chemical methods to improve life quality of human beings. this technology has been developed rapidly around the world, and has been extensively applied in treating motor disorders such as parkinson’s diseases (pd), essential tremor(et), dystonia, refractory pain, epilepsies, uracratia and other diseases. it’s application are expanding with the advancing of related theories and technologies.  
chinese enterprises in this filed represented by pins medical have become rising stars with the support of r&d strength of national engineering laboratory for neuromodulation of tsinghua university and the mode of “combining production, education, research and medical”. a series of dbs products with pins independent property rights broke technological monopoly, prevailed in domestic market rapidly and certificated by european ce standards. now pins is targeting the global market. the launch of its vns products were approved in chinese market. products of interstim, spinal cord stimulation (scs) and others are under clinical trial.
science magazine is one of the most influential academic journals publishing important original research papers and research reviews in the world. 135 years has passed by ever since science was founded by new york journalist john michels in 1880 with financial support from noted inventor thomas edison. by 1894, it became official journal of american association for the advancement of science (aaas), the american’s biggest scientific group and non-profit organization. science publish about 800 peer-reviewed papers from around the world with noted strict standards and have significant influence upon academic fields.
science-pins prize of neuromodulation was set exclusively by pins and science to encourage research and innovation of global specialists as well as to promote achievement transformation. thus to drive development of this field and to benefit global patients. it is the world’s first major prize in neuromodulation. ever since 2017, it will select form world wide and award 2 scientists making great contribution and key achievements in this filed. this prize will focus on research progress of neuromodulation in technological innovation, clinical application and so on.
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professor cen zhangzhi, vice president of   tsinghua university noted that with over 10 years of commitment in this technology, tsinghua university established national engineering laboratory for neuromodulation. this lab has became a promising later-comer relying on its mode of “combining production, education, research and medical”. noble prize enlightened us the positive effects of academic prizes on driving technology development. the setting up of science-piins prize is of great importance and embodied social responsibility of chinese enterprises. it also created new benchmark for the globalization of our high-tech enterprises.
professor li luming, director of national engineering laboratory for neuromodulation also made a speech. as the earliest chinese scientists in this technology, professor li reflected the history of neuromodulation in the past 10-plus years. he also mentioned the establishment of this prize which is based on over 3 years of academic exchanges between the two sides. he said that the awarding plan is mature and sustainable, on the one hand it will encourage research and innovation of scientists in this fields, on the other hand it will promote achievement transformation and bring benefits to patients.   
madam yan ao shuang, director of beijing municipal science & technology commission witnessed the development of neuromodulation in china. she said that beijing municipal science and technology commission has been and will continue to support neuromodulation researches. she also highly appreciated contributions made by the team led by professor li luming. besides, she expressed her wish to summarize more scientific method in selection of winners for this prize, so that we can pool more talents and fruits, promote international academic interaction and national research in this platform.
mr. bill moran, publisher of science magazine said that china’s scientific and research is advancing rapidly. science choose to cooperate with pins medical for they share common values. the purposes of aaas “promoting science, severing society” happens to coincide with pins enterprise culture of “caring people and pacing better life”. by setting this prize, science hope to enhancing development neuromodulation and to provide more inspirations and opportunities for scientists in this filed.
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